Role of Fortune Education

Role of Fortune Education for Medical Education in Bangladesh
Fortune Education, established in Dhaka, Bangladesh, plays a significant role in facilitating medical education, particularly for international students wishing to study medicine in Bangladesh. Here are some key aspects of the role played by Fortune Education:
  1. Admissions and Counseling:
    • Fortune Education primarily serves as an educational consultant, providing admission-related assistance to students, especially those from abroad, who are interested in pursuing medical education in Bangladesh.
    • They offer counseling services to help students choose the right medical colleges that match their preferences and qualifications.
  2. Liaison Between Students and Medical Colleges:
    • The organization acts as a bridge between students and medical colleges, simplifying the admission process and helping with the documentation and enrollment procedures.
    • They maintain partnerships with various medical colleges, both public and private, which enables them to provide updated information and easier access for prospective students.
  3. Guidance on Curriculum and Accreditation:
    • Fortune Education provides information on the MBBS curriculum, the accreditation of colleges, and the recognition of the MBBS degree from Bangladesh by different countries.
    • This guidance is crucial for international students who need to understand the equivalence and acceptance of their degree in their home country or elsewhere.
  4. Assistance with Logistics and Accommodation:
    • For international students, they offer assistance with logistical aspects like visa processing, travel, and accommodation. This support is vital for students unfamiliar with Bangladesh and its systems.
  5. Career Guidance and Support:
    • They may also provide career counseling to students regarding their future in medicine, including guidance on postgraduate studies and career pathways after completing the MBBS.
  6. Promotion of Medical Education in Bangladesh:
    • By promoting the medical education opportunities in Bangladesh to international students, Fortune Education helps in enhancing the global reputation and reach of Bangladeshi medical colleges.
  7. Ensuring Compliance with Regulations:
    • They ensure that the admission process complies with the regulations of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and other relevant authorities.

It’s important to note that while organizations like Fortune Education play a supportive and facilitative role, students should also conduct their own research and due diligence when planning to study medicine in Bangladesh or any other country. This includes verifying the accreditation of the medical college, understanding the curriculum and local medical practices, and being aware of the cultural and linguistic aspects of studying in a foreign country.

Army Medical College Bogura | Army Medical College Jashore with Fortune Education

Army Medical College Bogura and Army Medical College Jashore are two of the notable medical colleges in Bangladesh, offering medical education primarily to civilian students in addition to military personnel. Fortune Education, a prominent educational consultancy in Bangladesh, plays a role in facilitating admissions and providing guidance to students, especially those from overseas, seeking admission to these institutions. Here’s a closer look at each college and the role of Fortune Education:

Army Medical College Bogura

  1. Location and Establishment: Situated in Bogura, it is one of the newer additions to the military-run medical colleges in Bangladesh.
  2. Programs and Curriculum: Like other medical colleges in Bangladesh, it offers the MBBS program, following a curriculum approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).
  3. Facilities and Training: Equipped with modern facilities, it provides a conducive learning environment with a focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills.


Army Medical College Jashore

  1. Location and Background: Located in Jashore, it’s part of the network of Army Medical Colleges in Bangladesh, known for their disciplined environment and quality education.
  2. Academic Structure: Offers the standard MBBS degree with a curriculum designed to meet international standards.
  3. Clinical Exposure: Students get clinical training at affiliated military hospitals, which are known for their high standards and advanced medical facilities.

Role of Fortune EducationRole of Fortune Education

  1. Admissions Assistance: Fortune Education assists students, especially international ones, in navigating the admission process to these colleges.
  2. Information and Counseling: Provides detailed information about the colleges, their admission criteria, fee structure, and other relevant details.
  3. Liaison Role: Acts as a liaison between the students and the colleges, facilitating smoother communication and admission procedures.
  4. Logistical Support: Helps with visas, travel, and accommodation, which is particularly valuable for international students.
  5. Compliance and Guidance: Ensures that the admissions are in compliance with the rules set by the BMDC and provides guidance on the equivalence of the MBBS degree internationally.

Points to Consider

  • Military Environment: These colleges, being part of the military establishment, might have a more disciplined and structured environment than civilian colleges.
  • Accreditation and Recognition: It’s crucial for prospective students to verify the accreditation of these colleges and the international recognition of their degrees.
  • Cultural Adaptation: International students should be prepared to adapt to the cultural and academic environment in Bangladesh.

Fortune Education, through its services, aims to simplify the process for students aspiring to join these reputable institutions, ensuring a smoother transition into the medical education system in Bangladesh.