Enam Medical College and Hospital

Enam Medical College is one of the best medical colleges in Bangladesh, including both government and private sectors. It is situated at Savar which is very near to Dhaka city.

It has superb well-built college and hospital buildings on its own land of about 4 acres.

The college started with 50 students from the academic session 2003-2004. Now the admission intake is 155 from this session. The 1000-bedded running hospital has outdoor and indoor facilities.

Enam Medical College and Hospital

Enam Medical College and Hospital

The hospital is always busy with patients. Academic faculty is very enriched with senior renowned professors and energetic dedicated junior and mid level teachers.

Very good hostel facilities for both local and foreign students are available. In the college library all recommended textbooks, reference books and journals (local and international) are available. Internet facilities including international online linkage HINARI which can provide up to date information to students and teachers are also available.

Extra Academic  activities such as cultural activities, games and sports, social work etc are performed by our students. Up to 50% seats are for foreign students.

The medium of education is English. The college is included in the list of international directory of medical schools like IMED, FAIMER and AVISINA.

The Doctor‑ patient ratio is still far from adequate in this country of more than 160 million people. Along with the Government initiative Private entrepreneurs are also coming forward in the health sector to establish Medical Colleges Including Hospitals.

The private sector has already made commendable progress in this field. The Government of Bangladesh has rightly laid down some strict criteria. principles and guidelines to follow and standardize the] Private Medical colleges.

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Enam Medical College was established In 2003, fulfilling all the guidelines and criteria set up by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council and University of Dhaka.

The government has been pleased to give permission for admission of 50 students In first year MBBS course from the session 2003‑2004 Now the admission capacity Is 145 from the last session.

The College has also been affiliated with University of Dhaka and also recognized by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC).

The training in Enam Medical College Hospital is also recognized by Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS). Enam Misdeal College Is also In the Recognition List of WHO, FAIMER. AVISINA and IMED.

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Goals and objectives of Enam Medical College and Hospital

This college and hospital has been designed to provide broad based education and professional Development for the medical students.

The academic faculty] has very highly qualified teachers and the attached hospital Is a most modern and standard one, well equipped with all the updated facilities.

All these will help the students to gain knowledge, skill and attitude to deal with the health problems of the community and make their basic a very sound for future training and higher studies


The campus of Enam Medical College Is Mated at 9/3 Parbotti Nagar, Thana Road, Savar. Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is about 17 minutes Drive from Gabtoli Bus Terminal of  Dhaka metropolitan city.

Saver is not only a very nearby suburb township but also very well known for Its Scenic natural treasure of forests, beautiful Mm small rivers and also winter quest birds.

It is also a township famous for educational institutions like Jahangirnagar University, public Administration training centre (PATC). Bangladesh krira shikkha protisthan (BKSP). National youth development training center.

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With over 1000 beds within Savar, Dhaka, the Enam Medical Hospital is one of the largest healthcare facilities in Bangladesh. The legacy of touching lives stems from the four pillars of our philosophy – experience, excellence, expertise and research.

At Enam Medical Hospital, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly believe the world is our extended family.

Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Army Medical College Cumilla

Overview: Army Medical College Cumilla (AMCC), located in Cumilla, Bangladesh, is a distinguished medical institution affiliated with the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Established to provide high-quality medical education and training, AMCC aims to produce competent, ethical, and dedicated medical professionals who can serve both military and civilian sectors.

The college combines rigorous academic programs with comprehensive practical training to ensure that its graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the healthcare profession.

Institutional Vision: The vision of AMCC is to become a leading institution in medical education, research, and healthcare services.

The college strives to create an environment that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

AMCC emphasizes the importance of developing healthcare professionals who exhibit leadership qualities, a sense of duty, and a commitment to serving society.

Academic Excellence: AMCC offers a rigorous Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program that spans five years of academic study, followed by a one-year compulsory internship.

The curriculum is designed to meet international standards, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical clinical skills.

The faculty comprises experienced and dedicated professionals who are committed to mentoring students and guiding them through their academic journey.

Modern Facilities: The college boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, advanced classrooms, and a comprehensive library.

AMCC is affiliated with a fully functional teaching hospital, providing students with ample opportunities for hands-on clinical training.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical technology and serves as a practical training ground where students can apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world medical scenarios.

Research and Innovation: AMCC places a strong emphasis on research and innovation. The college encourages students to engage in research projects and contribute to advancements in medical science.

AMCC regularly organizes seminars, workshops, and conferences to foster a culture of scientific inquiry and knowledge sharing. Students are provided with opportunities to present their research findings at national and international forums.

Community Engagement: AMCC is committed to serving the community by providing quality healthcare services through its affiliated hospital. The college encourages students to participate in outreach programs and health camps, helping them understand the healthcare needs of diverse populations and develop a sense of social responsibility. These initiatives also provide students with valuable practical experience and enhance their understanding of public health issues.

Military Training: As part of the Armed Forces Medical Services, AMCC integrates military training into its curriculum. This training instills discipline, leadership, and a sense of duty among students, preparing them for service in the military medical corps.

The military training component includes physical fitness programs, leadership development exercises, and courses on military medicine.

Extracurricular Activities: AMCC offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, cultural events, and student organizations.

These activities promote holistic development and help students develop leadership and teamwork skills. The college encourages students to participate in various competitions and events, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community spirit.

Conclusion: Army Medical College Cumilla stands out as a beacon of quality medical education and healthcare services. With its comprehensive curriculum, modern facilities, and commitment to research and community engagement, AMCC prepares its students to become skilled and compassionate medical professionals. The college’s dedication to academic excellence and professional development makes it an ideal choice for aspiring medical professionals who wish to serve both the nation and society.

Admission through Fortune Education Consultancy

Introduction: Fortune Education Consultancy is a leading educational consultancy firm authorized to facilitate admissions to Army Medical College Cumilla (AMCC) for international and local students.

With a commitment to providing comprehensive support, Fortune Education ensures a smooth and efficient admission process for aspiring medical students. The consultancy offers a range of services designed to help students navigate the complexities of the admission process and secure their place at AMCC.

Services Offered by Fortune Education Consultancy:

  1. Counseling and Guidance:
    • Fortune Education provides personalized counseling to help students understand the admission requirements, eligibility criteria, and course structure of AMCC. The consultancy offers guidance on career prospects and helps students make informed decisions about their medical education.
  2. Application Assistance:
    • The consultancy assists students in completing the application form accurately and submitting the required documents. This includes academic transcripts, certificates, passport-sized photographs, and identification proof. Fortune Education ensures that all necessary documentation is in order and submitted on time.
  3. Entrance Exam Preparation:
    • Fortune Education offers resources and coaching to help students prepare for the AMCC entrance examination. This includes study materials, practice tests, and tips for success in the exam. The consultancy provides a structured preparation plan to help students achieve their best possible performance.
  4. Visa and Travel Support:
    • For international students, Fortune Education provides assistance with visa applications and travel arrangements. The consultancy ensures that students have all the necessary documentation and guidance to secure their student visa and make travel arrangements to Bangladesh.
  5. Accommodation Arrangements:
    • Fortune Education helps students find suitable accommodation near the AMCC campus. This includes hostel facilities, private apartments, and other housing options that provide a safe and comfortable living environment.
  6. Pre-Departure Orientation:
    • The consultancy offers pre-departure orientation sessions to prepare students for their journey to Bangladesh. These sessions cover important topics such as cultural adaptation, academic expectations, and practical tips for living in Cumilla.
  7. Ongoing Support:
    • Fortune Education continues to provide support to students throughout their academic journey at AMCC. This includes academic advising, counseling services, and assistance with any issues that may arise during their studies. The consultancy ensures that students have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Admission Process

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for admission to Army Medical College Cumilla, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of higher secondary education (or equivalent) with a strong foundation in science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).
  • Minimum aggregate marks as specified by the college.
  • Proficiency in English, as the medium of instruction is English.

Application Submission:

  • Candidates can access the application form through Fortune Education Consultancy or the official AMCC website. The form must be completed accurately, and all required documents must be submitted. Fortune Education provides assistance with the application process, ensuring that all necessary information is provided.

Entrance Examination:

  • Eligible candidates must appear for the AMCC entrance examination, which includes multiple-choice questions covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The exam assesses the candidates’ knowledge and aptitude for the medical field. Fortune Education offers coaching and preparation resources to help students perform well in the exam.


  • Shortlisted candidates may be called for an interview to assess their communication skills, motivation, and suitability for the medical profession. Fortune Education provides guidance on how to prepare for the interview and what to expect.

Admission Confirmation:

  • Successful candidates receive an offer letter from AMCC. To confirm their admission, candidates must pay the required fees and complete any additional formalities. Fortune Education assists with this process, ensuring that all steps are completed smoothly.

Army Medical College Cumilla, with its excellent academic standards, modern facilities, and comprehensive training programs, is an ideal choice for aspiring medical professionals.

Fortune Education Consultancy plays a crucial role in facilitating the admission process, providing students with the support and guidance they need to achieve their medical education goals.

Through personalized counseling, application assistance, and ongoing support, Fortune Education ensures that students have a smooth and successful journey toward becoming competent and compassionate doctors at AMCC.