Army Medical College Cumilla

Welcome to Army Medical College Cumilla: Nurturing Future Leaders in Healthcare


Army Medical College Cumilla (AMCC) stands as a pillar of excellence in medical education within the scenic landscape of Cumilla, Bangladesh. Affiliated with the Bangladesh Armed Forces and dedicated to the highest standards of academic rigor and military discipline, AMCC prepares students not only to excel in medical fields but also to lead with integrity and honor.

MBBS Admission Criteria in Bangladesh

The journey to becoming a medical professional at AMCC begins with fulfilling the stringent admission criteria set to ensure that only the most capable and committed students are enrolled:

  • Academic Requirements: Applicants must have completed their higher secondary education, focusing on science subjects, with outstanding marks, especially in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Entrance Examination: Prospective students must successfully pass the national medical entrance exam, which assesses their foundational knowledge and aptitude for a career in healthcare.
  • Physical Fitness: Candidates must also meet specific physical and medical standards, crucial for the challenges of both medical duties and military responsibilities.
MBBS Admission for Foreign Students Through Fortune Education

Fortune Education, as an authorized representative, simplifies the admission process for international students at AMCC:

  • Personalized Guidance: Contact Fortune Education at +8801995529533 for one-on-one counseling and assistance throughout the application process.
  • Online Application: International applicants can conveniently apply through the Fortune Education Online Application Portal.
  • Support Services: Fortune Education provides comprehensive support, from documentation handling to visa advice, ensuring a seamless admission journey.
MBBS Fees Structure in Bangladesh

AMCC is committed to transparency in its fee structure, which is competitive yet affordable, reflecting the institution’s dedication to accessible medical education:

  • Comprehensive Fee Package: Fees at AMCC include tuition, lab fees, library services, and administrative costs, ensuring students can budget effectively without concerns about hidden charges.
  • Financial Planning Assistance: Detailed fee breakdowns and payment plans are available through the admissions office or Fortune Education, aiding students in their financial planning.
Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has emerged as a favorable destination for medical studies due to several key advantages:

  • Globally Recognized Degrees: The MBBS degree from AMCC is recognized worldwide, enabling graduates to pursue further education and professional opportunities internationally.
  • Affordable Quality Education: Compared to other countries, Bangladesh offers medical education at a fraction of the cost, making it an attractive option for students globally.
  • Practical Exposure: Students benefit from extensive hands-on clinical training in affiliated hospitals, enhancing their practical skills and readiness for real-world challenges.
  • Cultural Richness: Bangladesh’s diverse cultural heritage enriches the student experience, fostering a broader understanding of global and local healthcare issues.
About Fortune Education

Fortune Education, recognized as a leading educational consultant for medical colleges in Bangladesh, ensures that every student receives personalized and effective guidance:

  • Direct MBBS Admissions: Fortune Education facilitates direct admissions, streamlining the process for both domestic and international students.
  • Comprehensive Educational Support: From selecting the right college to settling into life in Bangladesh, Fortune Education assists at every step.
  • Reliable Information: Being an authorized representative, Fortune Education provides accurate and up-to-date information, helping students make informed decisions.

Army Medical College Cumilla, in collaboration with Fortune Education, invites you to embark on your medical education journey in a supportive and disciplined environment. With a focus on excellence, ethical practices, and leadership, AMCC prepares you for a successful and impactful career in medicine.

For detailed information on MBBS admissions, the fee structure, or how to apply, please contact Fortune Education at +8801995529533 or visit the online application portal. Begin your journey to becoming a distinguished medical professional at Army Medical College Cumilla—a place where future healthcare leaders are born.