Chattagram International Medical College

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Choosing the right medical college

is a pivotal decision for aspiring medical professionals. Chattagram International Medical College (CIMC) in Bangladesh stands as a beacon of excellence in medical education, equipped with modern facilities, experienced faculty, and a commitment to nurturing future healthcare leaders. Partnering with Fortune Education, an authorized representative of medical colleges in Bangladesh, CIMC offers a direct MBBS admission pathway tailored for both local and international students. Discover the opportunities that await in the realm of medical education in Bangladesh, where quality meets affordability.

Why Choose Chattagram International Medical College?

Chattagram International Medical College

CIMC is renowned for its robust curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and its strategic location in Chattogram, the second-largest city in Bangladesh. The college’s affiliation with the University of Chittagong ensures a comprehensive educational experience that is both challenging and rewarding. At CIMC, students gain hands-on experience in a supportive and enriching environment, preparing them to excel in diverse healthcare settings around the globe.

MBBS Program at Chattagram International Medical College

The MBBS program at CIMC spans five years, followed by a one-year internship that provides practical, real-world exposure to various medical disciplines. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover all essential aspects of medical science, combining theoretical knowledge with extensive clinical practice.

MBBS Admission Criteria in Bangladesh

Eligibility for Admission:

  • Applicants must have completed higher secondary education (12 years) with a major in science, including subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • A minimum GPA of 7.0 (with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in Biology) in the SSC and HSC examinations or equivalent.
  • Qualification in NEET or similar entrance tests for Indian students is required.
  • Proficiency in English is recommended.

MBBS Admission for Foreign Students Through Fortune Education

Fortune Education, a leading educational consultancy, simplifies the admission process for international students aspiring to study MBBS in Bangladesh. With Fortune Education, students receive comprehensive support throughout the application process, ensuring a smooth and successful admission journey.

Services Offered by Fortune Education:

  • Personalized Counseling: Helping students select the best medical college according to their academic profile and preferences.
  • Documentation Assistance: Guiding students through the necessary paperwork and requirements for admission and visa applications.
  • Admission Facilitation: Coordinating directly with CIMC to streamline the admission process.
  • Pre-Departure Briefing and Post-Arrival Support: Ensuring students are well-prepared for their move to Bangladesh and are comfortably settled once they arrive.

MBBS Fees Structure in Bangladesh

Chattagram International Medical College offers one of the most cost-effective MBBS programs. The fee structure is designed to be affordable while maintaining the highest standards of education.

Estimated Tuition Fees:

  • The tuition fees for the MBBS program at CIMC range from USD 6,000 to USD 8,000 per annum.
  • Overall, the total cost for the 5-year program can range from USD 30,000 to USD 40,000, excluding living expenses.

Living Expenses:

  • Bangladesh offers a low cost of living compared to many other countries. Monthly living expenses for international students can range between USD 100 and USD 150, covering accommodation, food, and transportation.

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Chattagram International Medical College, in collaboration with Fortune Education, offers an exceptional opportunity for students worldwide to pursue an MBBS in Bangladesh. With comprehensive academic training, affordable fees, and extensive support services, CIMC is your gateway to a successful medical career. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed at one of Bangladesh’s premier medical colleges. Choose CIMC for your medical education, where aspiring minds are nurtured to become the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

MBBS in Bangladesh with Fortune Education

In the heart of South Asia, Bangladesh stands out as a beacon of medical education, attracting students globally with its high standards, affordable courses, and welcoming culture. If you are an aspiring medical professional looking for an MBBS program that blends affordability with quality, Bangladesh is your destination. And guiding you through every step of the way is Fortune Education, your authorized representative and gateway to direct MBBS admissions in top medical colleges across Bangladesh.

Why Choose MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has emerged as a preferred destination for medical students due to its English-medium instruction, internationally recognized degrees, and an MBBS curriculum aligned with global standards. The country’s medical colleges are equipped with modern facilities, experienced faculties, and provide extensive hands-on training that ensures graduates are ready to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry anywhere in the world.

MBBS Admission Criteria in Bangladesh

Eligibility: To be eligible for MBBS in Bangladesh, international students must:

  • Have completed 12 years of schooling with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Have scored at least 60% in these science subjects.
  • Have passed NEET or equivalent entrance exams, as required by their home countries, to practice medicine.

Documentation Required: Prospective students need to prepare the following documents:

  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard (or equivalent examination).
  • School leaving certificate.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Passport for foreign students.

MBBS Admission for Foreign Students Through Fortune Education

Fortune Education, a pioneering educational consultant in Bangladesh, specializes in facilitating the MBBS admission process for international students. As an authorized representative of renowned medical colleges in Bangladesh, Fortune Education offers personalized counseling to help you select the best college according to your preferences and budget.

Services Provided Include:

  • Assistance in filling out and submitting your application forms.
  • Guidance in compiling and verifying necessary documentation.
  • Support in obtaining your student visa.
  • Pre-departure briefing to prepare you for the move to Bangladesh.
  • Post-arrival assistance to help you settle into your new environment.

MBBS Fees Structure in Bangladesh

Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is highly cost-effective compared to medical education in the USA, UK, or Australia. The total cost for the 5-year MBBS course varies between colleges but typically ranges from USD 6,000 to USD 10,000 annually. This fee includes tuition, lab, and examination fees, making it one of the most affordable options for quality medical education globally.

Additional Costs:

  • Living expenses in Bangladesh are also modest, with accommodation, food, and travel costs averaging around USD 100 to USD 150 per month.
  • Students should also consider travel and personal expenses when budgeting for their education abroad.

Apply Online with Fortune Education

Fortune Education simplifies your application process. You can apply online by visiting Fortune Education’s Application Portal. The portal is user-friendly and provides a step-by-step guide to submitting your application efficiently.

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Quality Education at Affordable Prices: Bangladesh offers MBBS programs that are not only affordable but also parallel in quality to the medical education provided in the West. This unique combination makes it a sought-after destination for medical students around the world.

Globally Recognized Degrees: The MBBS degrees from Bangladesh are recognized by major international bodies such as the WHO, UNESCO, and the Medical Councils of several countries including the USA, UK, and India, facilitating global career opportunities.

English Medium Instruction: The medium of instruction in medical colleges in Bangladesh is English, making it accessible to a wide range of international students.

Cultural Diversity: Studying in Bangladesh provides an opportunity to experience a rich cultural heritage and diversity that enhances personal growth and global perspectives.

Services Offered by Fortune Education

At Fortune Education, we understand that applying to medical school can be daunting. Our services are designed to make the admission process as smooth as possible:

Personalized Counseling

We provide one-on-one counseling to help you select the best medical college that fits your career goals, financial situation, and personal circumstances.

Documentation Assistance

Our team assists you with the gathering, preparation, and submission of all necessary documentation required for your MBBS application and visa processing.

Application Processing

We handle all aspects of the application process, ensuring that your application is complete, accurate, and submitted on time.

Visa Assistance

Fortune Education provides comprehensive support in obtaining your student visa, offering advice and assistance to meet embassy requirements.

Pre-Departure and Post-Arrival Support

We prepare you for your move to Bangladesh and provide ongoing support once you arrive, helping you adjust to your new environment and begin your studies.

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